CJSC «Kabbalgaz»

CJSC «Kabbalgaz» - example of successful international cooperation in the development of Russian gas transport system.

CJSC «Kabbalgaz» - gas transportation company of the Unified Gas Supply System of OJSC «Gazprom», it is a common transporter system of main gas pipelines of the Russian Federation and operates natural gas pipelines in four areas of the Urals: Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg and Kurgan. But the main route of natural gas supplies from Russia to the Balkans and Turkey is a natural gas pipeline Ananiev-Tiraspol-Ismail.

CJSC «Kabbalgaz» has many years experience of financing, construction, management and operation of the gas industry in Russia. Attracting foreign investment and long-term loans for expansion and reconstruction of gas transport system of Russia, part of OJSC «Gazprom», «Naftogaz of Ukraine», European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and their common interest in reliable and stable operation - one of the main ways of guaranteed supplies of Russian natural gas in Europe. Given the experience of CJSC «Kabbalgaz» our credit history, we are open for proposals for projects of expansion and reconstruction of gas transport system of Russia.